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Victoria's finest medical-holistic facials, skin care + body care, curated as immersive self care rituals.

Technology-led, proven results-driven transformations. Our high tech treatments are just as evidence-based as they are deeply relaxing.


Alchemy of skin.

origins + philosophy

VOLTA SKIN STUDIO was born under the intention of curating immersive, accessible luxury experiences in a cozy, spirited, ambient atmosphere that feels both lush and like home. We passionately view skin care as an integral aspect of self care; an avenue for the self empowerment, self-expression, and self-love that you deserve.

Deeply holistic in nature, we we take pride in the effectiveness of our modern meets classic approach. By blending gentle, non-invasive technology-led techniques with timelessly natural methods, our signature treatment style is both evidence-based and relaxing. We provide powerful, transformative alternatives to more invasive methods. Our treatments are intricate, unique, and specialized; using multi-modality formulas to amplify and drive results while leaving you on cloud 9.

Your experience is tailored to you. Our commitment is in cultivating an inclusive space full of warmth and positivity, where you can feel truly nourished, valued and indulgently pampered. Collaborative in nature, our personalized consultation process is designed to get to the root of what is most important to you, ensuring that you feel listened to, assured, and informed. Our signature treatment plans are thoughtfully sculpted to highlight and harmonize your natural essence and individuality, while resurfacing the confidence that you are entitled to by birthright, so that you can emerge feeling like the work of art that you are. 

What's in a name?

VOLTA is a term used in literature, specifically poetry. It is an Italian word for "turn" and represents the "turning point", or change of thought and emotion, in a poetry piece. By choosing the name VOLTA, our intention is to represent the powerful impact of a turning point in one's self and the poetic beauty that stems from a positive transformation. We write VOLTA in all capital letters, to emphasize the impact and significance a turning point has on our lives, in the way that we feel in our bodies, and the way we move through and relate to our world.


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Medical-Holistic Aesthetician

Shannon is a Certified Medical-Holistic Aesthetician & Skin Specialist. Shannon's internationally accredited UK-based training and ever-expanding extracurricular education equipped her with a unique cutting edge approach. Shannon has an additional educational study background in holistic Traditional Chinese Medicine, facial reflexology, and herbology in which she continues to expand on her studies. Following where her heart was leading her, Shannon founded VOLTA SKIN STUDIO in January of 2022 with the intention of bridging the gap between modern, high-tech aesthetics and classical holistic wellness in a wildly cozy, inclusive environment. Community-focused and an artist and dreamer at heart, Shannon aims to infuse her eye for detail, insight, nurturing spirit, and inspiration into every bewitching experience she creates.

"At the heart of things, I am passionate about creating atmospheres. There is something powerful about a space where you can be your vulnerable, authentic self, be seen and heard, and for just a moment in time you get to be the centre of our little universe in the treatment room. We all deserve to have those moments where the rest of the world can fade away around us and we get to simply close our eyes and enjoy existing as a human being, being taken care of by another human being. My practice is a manifestation of love for the art of the human body, and the primordial need of human nature to be nourished by one another. I am passionate about creating that space for you."- Shannon Ronan, founder + owner of VOLTA SKIN STUDIO.

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