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Skin care as poetry, alchemy, and the art of self-care.


A place for you.

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Rooted in the heart of vibrant Cook St. Village in Victoria, we've designed our boutique studio to feel both lush and like home. Our signature treatments blend modern, high-tech therapeutics with a classical holistic approach.

Thoughtfully curated with experience in mind, our intimate, ambient studio indulges your senses at every turn in a wildly cozy, luxurious atmosphere. Infusing magic into every detail, we're committed to cultivating a space full of warmth where you can feel nourished on all levels.

VOLTA SKIN STUDIO is a safe, inclusive, welcoming, and informed environment for all people.

Studio Owner + Holistic Medical Aesthetician

Victoria's finest tech-led, medical-holistic facials, skin care + body care, curated as immersive self care rituals.

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The apothecary.

Created by us for you, our in-house skin care line is produced right here on Vancouver Island with organic ingredients.

Blending quality formulations from clinical-grade compounds and soothing botanicals, our line is both gentle and effective to amplify your daily self-care ritual.

Additionally, we offer a variety of our favourite home-care skin tools to help maintain your glow between treatments: such as gua sha tools, crystal rollers, skin care devices.

Available in studio - shop local in Victoria for quality skin care products and lifestyle tools.

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